Frazier History Museum

African American History Month Saturday Performance Series: Holt Collier

The story of Holt collier, formerly an enslaved man whose life as a hunter and guide in the Mississippi Delta eventually found him leading President Theodore Roosevelt on what became known as the “Teddy Bear Hunt” in 1902.


A Gallery Guide highlighting stories from our galleries that specifically address African American History will be available throughout the month of February

Curator’s Choice Case – Meshek Moxley, Gunsmith Extraordinaire  
Meshek Moxley was a black gunsmith who worked in Bellefontaine, Ohio from around 1840 to 1880. Little is known of his history, but he was originally from Virginia and believe to have been a freedman. The number of free blacks in Moxley's age group in Ohio in 1850 was less than one percent of that for the corresponding group of white males.