Frazier History Museum

Tiger Tales Day

An Opportunity for Tiger Cub Scouts to meet all seven requirements for the Tiger Tales Adventure Loop/Badge.

Station activities begin at 10:00 am; 1st required class begins at 11:00 am(sold out) 2nd required class begins at 12:00pm  (we recommend you arrive by 11:30 for non-class activities, though)

Join us for a fun day of learning and earning!  Tiger Scouts (with chaperone) in attendance will have access to an assigned class session (with chaperone) and complete other on-site station activities to fulfill all of the  requirements for the “Tiger Tales” Adventure Loop/Badge!

Scouts in attendance can expect to participate in music, art and even see a live tall tale performance as they work towards their adventure loop. 

Scout groups or individual families are invited to attend.

Registration for Tiger Tales is now closed, All sessions are Full. 

The first class session will be at 11:00am.

The second session will be at 12:00, Please arrive a half an hour earlier to attend the Pecos Bill story telling performance as only 1 performance will be given. Thanks!

 Please feel free to call Mick Sullivan at (502) 753-5660 with questions or for any clarifications.