Frazier History Museum

African American History Month Saturday Performance Series :The Bootleg King

THE BOOTLEG KING: This interpretation chronicles the rise and fall of George Remus, “King of The Bootleggers,” who built a multi-million dollar operation from bootlegging and speakeasies during the early years of Prohibition. Told from the point of view of an African American bartender, this performance also addresses the segregation between those who served and those who imbibed.


A Gallery Guide highlighting stories from our galleries that specifically address African American History will be available throughout the month of February

Curator’s Choice Case – Meshek Moxley, Gunsmith Extraordinaire  
Meshek Moxley was a black gunsmith who worked in Bellefontaine, Ohio from around 1840 to 1880. Little is known of his history, but he was originally from Virginia and believe to have been a freedman. The number of free blacks in Moxley's age group in Ohio in 1850 was less than one percent of that for the corresponding group of white males.