Frazier History Museum

Donor Recognition

The Frazier History Museum relies on the generosity of individual donors to support the exhibitions and programs we deliver to Louisville and the surrounding region each year.  We would like to recognize the spirit of giving that helps us achieve our mission to engage visitors with the power of history to understand who we are, what we stand for and where we are headed. 

Thank you so much for your support.

Lewis and Clark Giving Society


Eileen & J. McCauley Brown

Catherine & James Joy 


Lindy & William M. Street

Karen & James Campbell


Jane Adam & Bruce Rosenzweig

Kay & Walter Crutcher


David B. Baughman

Kevin E. Borland & Leonard V. Napolitano

Laura Frazier & Donald Ashley

Dr. Shawn Glisson & Mrs. Vickie Yates Brown Glisson

Dr. Margaret E. Gammage-Tucker & Richard A. Cleveland

Charles L. Grizzle

Paula Turner Hale

Christine & John Johnson

Tracy & Larry Lowe

Sara & John McCall

Debra & Ronald J. Murphy

Penelope Peavler & Charles Grass

Dr. & Mrs. James Ramsey

Renee & Gerald Reynolds

Beth & Todd Spencer

Kim Stawski

Charles W. Stewart

Mary & William Stone

Evelyn & J. David Sympson

Myra Leigh Tobin 




Corps of Discovery Member Circle


Mr. & Mrs. C. B. Birnsteel

Ina & Allen M. Bond

Jennifer & Donald J. Greulich

James Jackson

The Reverend Alfred R. Shands


Shannon & Mitch Ashbrook

John E. Selent

Karin and George Sonnier


Bunny & Daniel Abbott

Porter Watkins & George R. Bailey

Dr. & Mrs. W. Cooper Buschemeyer, Jr.

Andrew Call

Dell & Fred Courtney

Phyllis & Richard Frymire

Susan & Mark Glazer

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Goodman

Judy & Kenneth Handmaker

Michael Hasken

Cynthia & Mike Kirkland

Donna Lawrence

Ms. Jessica Loving & Mr. Sheryl G. Snyder

Joan & Stuart McCombs

Mr. & Mrs. Clay L. Morton

Kimberly Miller

Andrea & John Neichter

Dr. & Mrs. Samuel C. Powell

Ms. Ruth E. Saldivar

Mr. & Mrs. John Schweinhart

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Shannon

Carla & K. Grant Taylor

Patricia & Paul Vissman

Betsy & Harry Wall