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Rooftop Proposal

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Even on a rainy day, our rooftop provided the perfect photo op for a perfect proposal! Andrew wanted to make sure Ashley was completely surprised; clearly he did a great job! Thank you Ashley and Andrew for sharing your adorable photos taken by Abby Ott. We wish Andrew and Ashley all the best! 

Simple & Sophisticated

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We fell in love with Katelyn & Clay's wedding! The simple yet stunning decor was beautiful and the family style dinner was a fun twist. We wish them all the happiness as they spend the rest of their lives together! Check out these amazing photos taken by Bethaney Danné Photography .

Caterer: The Catering Company

Cake: Heitzman Bakery

Bar: Masterson's

DJ: Elite Signature DJ

Florist: Savannah Robin (Bridesmaid)

Venue: Frazier Rooftop Garden and 4th Floor Loft

Photographer: Bethaney Danné

Ask the Pro- Florist

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We asked Jill Elizabeth, owner and creator of J. Elizabeth Designs, to share her insight and expertise on wedding flowers. Jill has been in the industry for nearly 20 years and has done her fair share of weddings!

We hope her advice eases the stress and confusion of picking out your wedding flowers!

What are some popular trends/ requests you have been noticing lately?

One word- greenery.  It's making a come back in a big way. 

For a bride who has no idea where to begin when ordering flowers, what do you suggest?

Go to a professional.  Start with the basics for your wedding- location, time of day, season, and colors for the wedding.  Each of these components contribute to the overall look for a wedding.  Look at photos of the florists own work and the bride should bring what inspires her; whether it be photos, Pinterest, magazines, or even paint chips.  The designer can then blend all ideas together cohesively.

What is important information you think brides should know when inquiring/ planning their flowers for their wedding?

Flowers can be a "Big Ticket" item for a wedding- dependent upon their importance.  Every wedding is unique so therefore pricing for each wedding is equally unique.  Every wedding can be beautiful on any budget.

Do you have a ballpark average of what flowers for a wedding cost?

Between 5%-15% of the overall wedding budget, but we have had weddings for less than 5% and some for more than 15%.

How did you get into the floral business?

While I was in college I worked for 2 wonderful and well established florists in Louisville.  After graduation I worked for 2 other florists- one of which we almost purchased before deciding to start our own business.  After years of establishing the company we had the opportunity to purchase another flower shop and blend their company into ours. 

What is your favorite thing about doing flowers for people’s big day?

It's the happiest day of their lives and being a part of such a joyful moment is a blessing.

In your opinion, what sets you apart from other florists?

Our staff and wholesaler.  My mother and I started the company in 2003 and have built it from the ground up.  We would not be here without the people that have come along beside us.  The team(s) we have ad through the years believe in the company as much as we do.  They are talented in their own ways- from design, to organization, to setup and delivery- there is nothing they can not do.  We would not be here without the sales team at Dreisbach wholesale- they take care of us so that we can take care of our clients.

When do you recommend people reach out to florists to figure out their floral arrangements for their wedding?

As soon as they have a date.  It's never too late.  We have even had clients who have booked us before they have a date.  We just put their names on the potential dates and wait for the exact one once it is selected.


For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit J. Elizabeth Design's website!


Rooftop Garden

Host your next event in our new Pop up Park!

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We are excited to announce that Frazier's Pop Up Park (the PUP), located next door to the Museum, is now open and available to rent through the end of 2016! With market lighting and beer garden tables included with the rental, the PUP offers an urban feel right outside of the museum where your guests can enjoy the all the historic charm that Main Street has to offer.  We will also include an indoor back-up space with the rental because you know, Kentucky weather. 

It's an ideal space for a cocktail party, and can hold up to 300 guests for a cocktail-style standing reception.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour! 502-753-5663 or fill out this form!

Pretty in Pink

Fourth Floor Loft, Rooftop, Rustic, Pink, Gold, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception, FallJulie Kruer2 Comments

This September Rooftop wedding was absolutely stunning! We love the touches of soft pink and gold in the Loft for the reception. Jacob and Shaylyn's small, personal touches really tie the whole thing together! Thank you so much to  Whitney Knutson Photography for the gorgeous photographs!

  Band: The Company Band | Cake: Lady A Cakes | Caterer: Bristol Catering | Chair Rentals: Fifty Chairs | Decor: Millennium Events | Event Spaces: Fourth Floor Loft + Rooftop Garden | Florist: Country Squire | Photographer: Whitney Knutson Photography | Planner: Unveiled Details


Band: The Company Band | Cake: Lady A Cakes | Caterer: Bristol Catering | Chair Rentals: Fifty Chairs | Decor: Millennium Events | Event Spaces: Fourth Floor Loft + Rooftop Garden | Florist: Country Squire | Photographer: Whitney Knutson Photography | Planner: Unveiled Details

Ask the Pro - Catering

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We asked Brian Masterson, co-owner of Masterson's Catering, to share his insights on catering weddings. Brian’s special focus within Masterson's Catering is off premise catering for weddings and major special events. 

We hope his thoughts and ideas can help you plan your perfect wedding day!

Meet the Masterson Family (left to right): Paul, Andrew, Sueanna, and Brian Masterson

Meet the Masterson Family (left to right): Paul, Andrew, Sueanna, and Brian Masterson

What food and beverage trends are you noticing at weddings?

It’s all over the place right now.  I think we are definitely between trends. Truly rustic and “organic” events still have their place but they seem to be being refined visually and in taste to a more elegant take on that trend. 

Masterson's 1.jpg
Masterson's 2.jpg

What’s your favorite part about a wedding?

Keeping the whole family calm, confident and focused on having a good time and creating life long memories.

What’s included in Masterson’s per person price?

Our price includes all floor length table linens for all tables in the event space, all needed china (no plastic unless you have to have it), stainless flatware, real glassware, and all catering related display and service equipment.

We have a lot of clients ask us, so we’ll ask you - what’s the difference between gratuity and service charge? And, what is the appropriate amount to tip?

With us, the service charge is meant to reflect the amount of direct labor on an event.  On caterings we do not do a service charge percentage but a flat dollar rate.  Why?  If you order a $30.00 menu you still want the same service that someone ordering a $60.00 menu would get. Regarding gratuities we recommend as much as you can afford!  I want my staff driving Ferraris. But we recommend not looking at it like a restaurant situation where you are practically obligated to tip 20% or more even for bad service.  Our catering staff works hard loading and unloading thousands of pounds of equipment with style and grace and a smile on their face.  An average wedding reception is an 11 to 12 hour shift for these guys.  We typically see gratuities in the range of $30.00 to $100.00 per staff member directly involved in your event. 

Masterson's 3.jpg

Do you do food tastings and is there an extra charge for this?

We do individual tastings Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with start times of noon to 5:30pm and on the 1st Sunday of every month with start times of 1pm to 4pm.  There is no charge for up to six guests

Does Masterson’s Catering have a specialty cuisine?

The founder, our grandfather Nickolas Mastoras was a Greek immigrant (he Americanized our name to Masterson in the 40’s). We’ve have always had Mediterranean cuisine in our blood.  What I love about our family having been doing this for nearly 80 years though is that we have touched virtually every cuisine on this planet.

Do you have a favorite wedding menu items?

I love to do things that again are relevant to the family.  Old family recipes or favorites.  Twists on the childhood comfort foods of the bride and groom.  Foods of the region the bride and groom are from or show off our regional cuisine if a number of the guests are from out of town.

What do you think clients can overlook when choosing their caterer?

The whole picture.  Catering is so much more than just the food for 90% of events out there.  As unsexy as it sounds, catering is a logistics business.  How do you get a quality product and presentation, most efficiently and on time delivered to a client and their guests given constantly changing variables?              

What do you do best and why do your clients love you?

Our logistical aptitude I think is just better than everyone else in the market and that comfort and confidence that that infuses in our staff I think translates into a good calm bedside manner if you will.  You only get that from experience and no one in town has more than Masterson’s.

Looking for more information? Visit the Masterson's website or reach out to them at 502-636-2511.

Share the Love

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This rustic inspired wedding had all the perfect touches with accents of baby's breath, wooden blocks and mason jars. The Rooftop Garden provided a perfect setting for the ceremony and the band, Thumper and the Plaid Rabbits, had guests on the dance floor until the very end.

An extra special thank you to Kriech-Higdon Photography for sharing these gorg photos with us, so we can share them with you!

Band: Thumper and the Plaid Rabbits | Cheesecakes: Bristol | Catering: Bristol | Event Spaces: Rooftop Garden + Fourth Floor Loft |  Officiant: Robert "Bob" Mueller | Photographer: Kreich-Higdon Photography