Frazier History Museum


Sure, children are the future – but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a blast learning about the past!

The Frazier Museum offers a variety of exhibits, gallery experiences, events and programs designed to help families have fun and experience history together.

We even have special programming just for kids. Each month, on the second Saturday of the month, the Frazier Museum presents an event exploring a different theme. These events, called SECOND SATURDAYS, are designed for children who love learning about true stories from other times and other cultures. 

View our calendar of SECOND SATURDAY programming here! There's no need to register to be able join in on the fun! Programming is included with the cost of admission and free for Members.

Heroes and Heroines
Second Saturday September 8, 11am-3pm

As we say ‘goodbye’ to The Hunger Games: The Exhibition, we will highlight other historical heroes and heroines represented in the Frazier’s galleries and Collections.


Family Day - Halloween
Second Saturday October 14, 11am-3pm

We’re always excited for October - there are so many great stories to share!  From fun fiction like our hilarious live adaptation of Washington Irving’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow, to the real life scare of the Salem Witch Trials, Halloween never fails to capture our imagination.

Family Day - Native Americans
Second Saturday November 11, 11am-3pm

For November’s Second Saturday family day, we’re excited to share some of the rich history and stories of our continent’s indigenous peoples.  

Family Day - The Nutcracker
Second Saturday December 9, 11:00am-3:00pm

The holiday classic comes to life through music, activities, guest presenters, and, of course, dance!