Frazier History Museum

Guided Programs

The Frazier History Museum’s Guided Programs are designed for students in kindergarten through 12th grade and are aligned with Core Content Curriculum Standards. With a wide range of offerings, our Guided Programs enrich, extend and support your classroom learning!

During your student’s guided field trip to the Frazier Museum, they participate in a hands-on session in the museum classroom, embark on gallery explorations and watch a live 15 to 20 minute performance– all led by a professional museum educator. Performance is based on the chosen program, actor availability and grade level of the students.

Ready to book? Please fill out this Inquiry Form and our Reservations Team will contact you to book your program.  Questions? Reach us at (502) 753-5663. You can also click here for information on planning your visit. 

We also offer two combined field trips with local attractions – Locust Grove and the Kentucky Science Center! Click here for more information on combined field trips.

For a complete list of each program's core content information click on the title or picture of each program and scroll down.

History in Miniature

Grades: K – 4, minimum 15 / maximum 120 students
Available beginning October 17, 2016

The Frazier History Museum is proud to possess one of the premiere collections of toy soldiers in the United States, housed in the Stewart Toy Soldier Gallery.  During this engaging program we’ll use the collection to not only explore tiny things from history and personal collections, but as a lens to study the neighborhoods,  landmarks, and people that make Louisville, Kentucky a special place. Students will work in teams to create a large 3D map of Louisville’s neighborhoods or the regions of Kentucky (teacher’s choice!) adding miniature figures, landmarks and architecture to the display.  In addition they will enjoy investigating the Stewart Toy Soldier Collection, hands-on time at our toy soldier play tables and a live show!

Pearl Harbor: A Morning that Changed the World

Grades: 5 – 12, minimum 15 / maximum 120 students
Available through February 21 2017.

It was an early Sunday morning in paradise when warplanes screamed across the peaceful skies of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Learn more about this fateful moment in history through the personal stories and personal effects of the people who lived through it: tourists, nurses, local residents and, of course, American and Japanese servicemen and women.  Students will complete an investigation guide in the temporary exhibit A Morning that Changed the World: Personal Stories of Pearl Harbor, have self-guided time to explore other portions of the museum and view a live performance by one of the museum’s talented actors.  

Cowboys: Stories of the American West

Grades K-3
Minimum 15/maximum 120 students

Learn the real stories of these heroic American figures. In the museum classroom, students handle cowboy gear and create their own cattle brand. Next, they travel the “Frazier Trail,” as they work in teams to complete their gallery investigation guide, examining primary and secondary sources from the American West.  Students “round-up” the day by meeting a cowboy and hearing about life out west!

Lewis & Clark

Grades K – 12                                                                                                                      Minimum 15/maximum 120 students

Get ready for an adventure!  Experience the Frazier’s immersive exhibit, The Lewis and Clark Experience, which re-traces the journey of the Corps of Discovery, as they travel west across America during the1800s. Students won’t forget their chance to view a 55 foot replica of the Lewis and Clark keelboat, sit in a replica Sioux Tipi, explore a Mandan earthen hut, enjoy a fishing station and a dug-out canoe, as well as many other hands-on learning experiences. 

K - 3rd grade students will enjoy a centers-based class session where they’ll choose from a selection of hands-on crafts and activities. 4th – 12th grade students will focus their time on an exhibit investigation examining landforms, animal species, transportation, technology and cultures.  All age groups will learn about the local connections to the journey and finish up the day with a live show performed by Frazier’s talented actors.

Want to make a day of it?  We can help you add a viewing of the “Lewis and Clark” movie in the Kentucky Science Center’s digital theatre or add a boat making experience at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft.  Both locations are within two blocks walking distance. Payment will be made separately at each location.

Kentucky Pioneers and Tools of the Trade

Grades 3- 5
Minimum 15/maximum 120 students

In this hands-on/minds-on program students explore the life and hardships of early Kentucky pioneers. Students handle reproduction tools and make predictions about their uses, discovering what the tools “tell us” about people living in frontier Kentucky.  In the galleries, students investigate the history of Kentucky through careful observation of maps, images and primary source artifacts. The program concludes with a live performance about life on the Kentucky frontier.

Want to make a day of it?  Our Reservation Specialist can help you add a visit to an additional site that would complement the program.  Possibilities include: Viewing KentuckyShow! at the KY Science Center (one block away),  a visit to Historic Locust Grove (Thursdays only) or a visit to the Blackacre State nature Preserve and Historic Homestead (payments will be made separately at each location)

Indiana Pioneers and Tools of the Trade

Grades 3- 5
Minimum 15/maximum 120 students

We've taken the format of our successful Kentucky history program and revised it specifically for students from Indiana. Students will handle reproduction tools and make predictions about their uses, discovering what the tools "tell us" about people living on the Indiana frontier. In the galleries students will complete an investigation guide focused on the history of the area through careful observation of maps, Images and primary source artifacts. The program concludes with a live performance by one of the Frazier's staff of talented actors. 

Brother Against Brother: Kentucky During the Civil War

Grades 4-8
Minimum 15/maximum 80 students
(Available Tuesday through Friday)

During this unique program, students gain an understanding of the important role Kentucky played during the American Civil War and learn about the daily life of a Civil War soldier. Students participate in a 45-minute interactive presentation by an actor portraying both a Union and a Confederate soldier from Kentucky. They are part of the action by learning marching drills, bandaging a wounded soldier and handling objects from a Civil War haversack. Afterwards, students complete an investigation guide in the museum’s galleries.


Declaring Your Independence

Grades 5-8
Minimum 15/maximum 120 students

What inspired colonists to risk their lives to gain independence?  The taxes and acts that so infuriated many of the colonists, and led to the American Revolution, are re-imagined as modern-day scenarios.  By acting out the situations, students make connections and draw conclusions about this tumultuous time in our history.  In the galleries, students work on investigation guides to explore the theme of independence throughout American history.  The time-period comes to life, as students view a colonial-themed live performance.

Want to make a day of it?  Our Reservation Specialist can help you add a visit to an additional site that would complement the program.  Possibilities include: Viewing We the People in the KY Science Center’s digital theatre (one block away) or a visit to the Sons of the American Revolution. (Payments will be made separately at each location).

Progressivism and Prohibition: America in the Early 1900s

Grades: 5 – 12

minimum 15 / maximum 90 students

Take an unforgettable journey back in time to experience the intense social and political changes of the early 1900’s.  Students will examine the Progressive Movement including the call to eliminate corruption in government, outlaw “intoxicating beverages” and provide women the right to vote.  The museum’s temporary exhibit Spirits of the Bluegrass: Prohibition and Kentucky will serve as a lens, not only to the culture of the roaring 20’s, but also to examine the social movements leading up to Prohibition as well as the impacts of the 18th amendment.  The program concludes with a live performance by one of the Frazier Museum’s talented actor/educators.

Discovering the Middle Ages

Grades: 6 – 12

minimum 15 /maximum 120 students

Is it fair to identify the Middle Ages as the “Dark Ages” or is the time period just getting a bad rap? Let your students make the call as they become detectives and examine hands-on “evidence”.   After taking a careful look at arguments for/against the label “Dark Ages”, students will discuss their opinions using evidence to support their point of view.  Although our museum galleries do not house medieval artifacts, the exhibits will come into play when students complete a gallery investigation guide that draws comparisons between American history and the Middle Ages.  After enjoying a bit of self-guided time in the museum galleries, you’ll wrap up the day with a medieval-themed performance by one of the Frazier’s talented actors. 

History Mystery

Grades 6-12
Minimum 15/maximum 130 students

Taking place entirely in the museum galleries, “History Mystery” is a structured yet interactive program that leads students on a search for historical clues. Students work in small groups to discover a mystery artifact and find clues in the museum exhibits that solve the mystery. Professional museum educators are on-hand to help in your exploration. The program includes a live historical performance that ties into your unit of study.