Frazier History Museum

The newly reinterpreted and vastly expanded Stewart Toy Soldier Gallery at The Frazier History Museum is one of the premiere collections of toy soldiers in the United States, and one of the largest collection of historic toy soldiers on public display in the world. Made possible thanks to a generous donation of toy soldiers from Charles Stewart of Frankfort, Kentucky, whose love of toy soldiers began as a boy and continues today with a collection of nearly 13,000 world class figures representing approximately 114 historic toy soldier and figure manufacturers.

United States 22nd Regiment Line Infantry, date depicted: 1870-1890, 12 pieces, 120mm. Made by Hyde of Germany in 1880. 

U.S. Infantry in Montana hats: Officer on mounted horse, officer on foot and infantry men, 11 pieces,  110mm. Made in Vienna by Pfeiffer.

With over 16,000 toy soldiers in its collection and over 10,000 soon-to-be on display, The Stewart Toy Soldier Gallery brings the toy soldier experience out from behind the glass, and into the hands of children (both young and at heart) who simply want to play. The exhibit allows visitors to browse makers, styles and periods of treasured miniatures, while using their imaginations to experience a tiny world of play though hands-on interactives.


Castle with crenelated turrets and towers  and revolving parade grounds, made by Gebruder Märklin & Cie of Germany, 1905. 

W. Britain Set No. 4Z: Zoological Display. Tray 1 of 2, Pre WW1 lead die cast figures

W. Britain Set No. 4Z: Zoological Display. Tray 2 of 2. 24 pieces in total, 21 animals, 3 palm trees.

W. Britain Set No. 4Z: Zoological Display. Tray 2 of 2. 24 pieces in total, 21 animals, 3 palm trees.

The Frazier's expanded toy soldier collection highlights local connections to history and Culture of Louisville  the The Louisville Citizen's Guard unit, and  The Kentucky Derby set, both displayed on the 1st floor.      

The Kentucky Derby diorama depicting the fastest 10 horses in Kentucky Derby history between 1930 and 1950,  11 horses featured  as 2 horses ran the same time.  Made by Barclay Manufacturing Co. of New Jersey.  Painted in 1992 by Dr. William Schneider.

The Louisville Citizen's Guard, 1858-1860.  Specially commissioned for the Frazier in 20011, a gift by Morton Sachs. 

Detail of the Louisville Citizen's Guard Unit Made in 2011 by  Martin Ritchie Mfg. 

Founded in 1859 in Göppingen, Germany, Gebrüder Märklin, or Märklin, as it is known today originally specialized in dollhouse accessories! The maker is currently renowned for its model railways and technical toys. During WWI, as Britian and Germany raced to build bigger and better ships, toy makers followed suit building complex and sophisticated wind up tin ship models that were raced around ponds by children around the world. The toy ship craze was so popular that when a groundskeeper drained the pond in London's Kensington Gardens in 1923, he discovered 150 sunken vessels at the bottom! 

The Märklin "Deutchland", WWI German Battleship, 1912, 34 inches long. Malcolm Forbes Collection.  

German WWI Submarine with brass windup key, 1915, 22 inches long. Made by Märklin.