Frazier History Museum

We’re incredibly excited about a long winter break and inviting children, grade 1-6, to and join a series of full-day programming.  Come for just one day, or join us for all nine as we explore fun themes around cold weather, traditional games, music, tastes and unique festivities of winter-time and first-of-the-year celebrations from all corners of the globe. Camps run from 9AM > 4PM.


Monday, Dec. 19th

Cold Case: History’s Unsolved Mysteries.  From Roanoke to Amelia Earhart to sea monsters and more, we’ll look at some amazing cases that have gone ice cold.

Tuesday, Dec. 20th

Way up North: If anyone knows something about the cold, it’s the Inuit, Vikings, and northern explorers - or at least the animals of Siberia!  We’ll take a fun look at these people, places and things and try to imagine winter in the great white north. 

Wednesday, Dec. 21st

The Birth of Cool: History is full of really cool people – from Shakespeare to Houdini. We’ll learn about some of the coolest people who were stars in their day for things as diverse as painting, tightrope walking, escape artistry and more.

Thursday, Dec. 22nd

The Ice and The Snow: As we’ll see with Civil War snowball fights, strange winter sports, and the surprising history of the snowman, people have always made the best of winter weather.  We’ll play, learn, and create some winter magic of our own on the last day of this week.


Tuesday, Dec. 27th

North and South America

The Times Square Ball, Yellow Underwear, and a lucky empty suitcase: These are just a few of the stories we’ll experience to understand the varied ways people in our slice of the hemisphere celebrate. 

Wednesday, Dec 28th

Europe and Africa

A new year always brings us hope and excitement and it’s no different in Europe or Africa.  Both continents boast traditions of foods, decorations, fortunes and unfamiliar customs.  We’ll have a blast trying our hands and learning the lands.   

Thursday, Dec 29th

Asia and Australia

The people in the eastern hemisphere are the first to celebrate a new year, and they do so with bright colors, fierce dragons, great music, fireworks and more.  We’ll head north and south to find the most exciting and unusual celebrations, and try a few out for ourselves. 

Friday, Dec 30th

Home for the Holidays

Our region is full of great people and great celebrations.  Join us as we explore all sorts of local holiday customs from the past and present.  


Monday, January 2nd

Looking Forward: Winter Break or Summer Camp? 

A new year means we’re looking ahead to the summer, already!  Join us as we visit some of our favorite warm weather activities and subjects. Let’s call it a sneak-peek at 2017!

Extended Care:

Need a little extra time?  Frazier Museum Winter Camp now offers an extended care option from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m.  During this post-camp “chill out” time, children will enjoy camp-themed movies, books, and simple art projects, all under the supervision of paid staff.  Fee: $15 per day.

To Register: 

To check availability and register by phone, please call (502) 753-5664.


Confirmation Process:

  • Once the museum processes your payment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with two attachments: a receipt of payment and a Participation Form.
  • Campers who are new to our program will also receive a Participation Form. Please fill out and return the form within two weeks of the start of camp.

Cancellation Policy:

  • In case of cancellation, a $15 administrative fee is retained.
  • If cancellation occurs within two weeks of camp date, a refund will be given only if the camp spot can be filled.  Please note that the $15 administrative fee, noted above, is retained.