Frazier History Museum

Bourbon Aroma Kit

The Frazier History Museum and the Kentucky Distillers’ Association opened the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Welcome Center to offer a starting point for visitors seeking experiences of the Commonwealth’s rich whiskey heritage. This kit contains three of the aromas that distinguish Bourbon. We hope it enhances your appreciation of America’s native spirit.

Aroma Solutions

Vanilla. The aroma most commonly associated with Bourbon, vanilla is amplified by the presence of alcohol. High-proof Bourbons will tend to have a more prominent vanilla aroma.

Caramel. This and other candy aromas like butterscotch or brown sugar are the result of barrel aging. Charring the oak converts cellulose into sugars, so toasting or a heavier char will tend to add more sweet aromas to a whiskey.

Brown Spice. These aromas are primarily the result of exposure to wood, and tasters perceive certain wood extracts as cinnamon, clove, and even cocoa. A high-rye mash bill will also add a spicy finish.