Frazier History Museum

Bourbon History at the Frazier

For more than a year, the Frazier has partnered with the Kentucky Distillers’ Association (KDA) to present a Bourbon History exhibit that includes the actual Congressional resolution declaring Bourbon to be "America's native spirit." The original exhibit marked the first time the document left the National Archives since it was signed in 1964. Working with the KDA, the Frazier has continued to expand and extend the Bourbon History exhibit to include many more objects and artifacts that tell the story of Kentucky’s signature industry and the reasons why it so important to the state’s heritage, culture and economy.

Located in a part of the museum shop, on the first floor, the Bourbon History exhibit includes a replica of George Washington’s Copper Pot Still, one of five that the President used to produce up to 11,000 gallons of whiskey per year. Visitors will see how important the Barrel is to the Bourbon aging process and learn exactly what makes Bourbon. . . Bourbon!  Also featured are video excerpts from more than 30 oral histories by some of Kentucky’s boldest and brightest distillers and an array of vintage bottles of some of the industry’s most noted brands.

The current exhibit serves as a precursor to a continuing partnership with KDA that includes the exploration and development of a completely new Bourbon-oriented visitor experience that will ultimately serve as the official starting point to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® adventure and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour®, both of which are owned and trademarked by the KDA. Initial plans call for both permanent and temporary Bourbon-related exhibits and visitor experiences that impart the rich and authentic history and cultural development of Bourbon right in the heart of downtown Louisville where at one time as many as 89 brands did business along “Whiskey Row” where they could easily ship their product out to the rest of the world via the Ohio River.