Frazier History Museum

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The Frazier Museum is proactively striving to provide an environment that accommodates individuals and families dealing with Autism. Autism Friendly Nights at the Frazier Museum, in proud partnership with Families For Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT), will be an evening dedicated to welcoming individuals and families affected by Autism. Our Teaching Artists will bring history to life in Tales from the Trail,  featuring stories from the Sioux, Shoshone, and Nez Perce, three of the tribes encountered by Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery. Exhibit on view include: Magnificent Mona Bismarck: Kentucky Style Icon, Southern Exposition and the Satellites of Mercury, The Lewis & Clark Experience, The Founders Gallery and the Stewart Historic Miniatures Collection. 

The Kentucky Derby Museum, the Frazier History Museum, the Muhammad Ali Center and the Kentucky Science Center are each offering FREE Autism Friendly Nights in April as part of Autism Awareness Month. Each evening runs from 5-7pm at a different attraction...

April 2nd at the Kentucky Derby Museum
April 9 at the Frazier History Museum
April 16th at the Muhammad Ali Center
April 24th at the Kentucky Science Center.

Each evening will provide kids, adults and their families an opportunity to enjoy each attraction in a more accommodating atmosphere.