Frazier History Museum

The Frazier Museum brings visitors face-to-face with world-famous figures and events that shaped the course of human history, but also with many ordinary folks whose stories you’ve probably never heard. 

We’re thrilled to announce our new and expanded lineup of programming, aimed at visitors of all ages, offered now
through Fall 2018!

Live performances by our staff of “Teaching Artists,” or costumed actors/historians, are held daily in the Brown-Forman Theatre and the Champagne Parlor. With a rotation drawn from over 90 performances, the product of countless hours of research, script-writing, editing and rehearsing by our Interpretations Department, the Frazier brings history to life for its visitors. Witness firsthand the tales of knights and soldiers of Medieval Europe and Asia, as well as riverboat gamblers and everyday people from all walks of life!
~30 min., including Q&A

Gallery Tours
A new series of special tours is being offered this summer, centered around specific themes including animals, color, food and gardens. These tours shed new light on the items in our collection, making fun connections that stretch across gallery lines. Exhibition tours of The Founder’s Gallery and Magnificent Mona Bismarck are also available.
20–30 min.

Gallery Talks
Artifact-based talks and activities led by our staffers are now offered daily. Topics range from animal warriors and bourbon aromas to card games, drummer boys and teddy bears; Tudor fashion, rifle technology and Samurai culture in Edo Japan. Curatorial staff members are offering tutorials on how to properly care for collectibles and lessons on how lighting can damage an artifact over time.
15 min.

Story Time
Join us in one of the museum’s galleries for Story Time, an interactive activity designed for children, but enjoyable for adults too!  Story Time brings items from our collection to life through children’s stories like The Boy Who Looked Like Lincoln; The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses, a breathtaking Lakota Sioux legend; The Secret Garden and The Smallest Samurai, a Japanese twist on the beloved English folktale of Tom Thumb.
20–30 min.

Make It, Take It
Staff at craft stations located throughout the museum are offering hands-on lessons to educate visitors of all ages about specific artifacts in the museum’s collection.
30–45 min.


Our Teaching Artist Performances

Click on the photos below to view a comprehensive list of some of our most popular live performances!

Catch a glimpse of our teaching artists in action! Performances vary daily, don't forget to check the schedule here