Frazier History Museum

Event Logistics Request Form


i.e. Development, Audience Develpment/Marketing, Programming, Partner, etc.
Include what time doors open
Include all spaces in the Museum that will be utilized
What time of bar will you have? Cash or hosted? Please include other specifications such as Brown-Forman products. If any of the product is sponsored, please indicate that here.
Please indicate what type of food service you will need for your event.
How many microphones and what what type will be needed? We have up to four microphones that can be handheld wireless OR lapel. Please include a speaking program and whether or not you will need a technician to stay for the duration of the event.
Please let us know what type of table and chair set up you will need and we will create a floor plan for your event. Include information such as membership table, check in table, vendor tables, etc.
Will you require linens? Please indicate any color or style preferences. The events department is happy to assist with this as well.
Will your guests pay to park *
For example: A book signing
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