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This post is inspired by a great blog post we found over at A Practical Wedding. Below is an excerpt from their blog with a few more thoughts we had below that! 

"My team and I see equal amounts of both self- and pro-DJed weddings, and what I generally tell our clients if they’re trying to decide between the two is:

  • If one of your top three priorities for your wedding is “completely killer dance party” then go out and get yourselves a really good DJ. Or if you want music, but don’t care to put the time or energy into it? DJ!
  • If you’d like people who want to dance to be able to, and you’d like to dance, but it’s not one of your top priorities? Or if you have VERY strong opinions about music? Start building your playlist."

Here's a few more thoughts we had about the subject:

Master of Ceremonies (M.C.) - A professional DJ has the confidence and professionalism to speak well on the microphone, which in our opinion is not a common skill. Having someone that can carefully, yet discreetly guide your guests throughout the events of your wedding reception creates a relaxing and enjoyable environment for your guests. For example, things like knowing that toasts are coming and that they can get a drink from the bar, or being prepared to lineup for the sparkler send off. Also worth considering is your introductions into the reception. A professional DJ will be familiar with how to build excitement and direct everyone's attention to the bridal party as they walk in, whereas your friend may not feel as natural behind a mic.

Keeping the flow- One thing we always recommend for wedding receptions is to draw out a tentative timeline for the evening. This includes determining the order of first dances, dinner and opening the dance floor. What's especially nice is that a DJ bring the experience to know when to carry the evening along, adjusting the timeline up a little, or when to spread things out, to allow you to continue making your way around the room to all of your guests. This allows you as the bride and groom the ability to let go and enjoy yourself in the present without the continuing thought to keep track of the time.

Equipment- Knowing the equipment can make a big difference in sound. While you can rent some great equipment it's not always common knowledge to know what to do if a microphone starts feeding back during toasts. While this may be quite stressful for your well-meaning friend, a professional DJ will be able to quickly and comfortably correct the issue.

Get more thoughts on this topic from the Practical Wedding Guide's blog.

Have you already had your wedding? We would love to hear what you decided to do- DIY or DJ and what you liked about it!