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Throwback Thursday

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Normally when people post on Throwback Thursdays, they don’t mean a throwback all the way to the 1920s but that is what we are doing! Our newly remodeled Speakeasy takes you all the way back to Prohibition times but it leaves us wondering how these infamous clubs got their start.

During the Prohibition Era, when alcohol was illegal, Kentuckians certainly did not want to give up their liquor. Speakeasies became secret hideaways for people to gather and drink. These hideaways went to the extremes, having secret entrances in bookshelves, underground caves and even a trap door. Due to these top secret hideaways, notorious gangsters were also known to be regular guests in these places, including Al Capone.

Sticking to the history of Kentucky, the Frazier Kentucky History Museum has newly remodeled our Speakeasy, including a built in bar and secret entrance. Our Speakeasy is now available to rent for event space!

Thinking of a party with a unique setting? Interested in a location for your rehearsal dinner or cocktail hour that your guests certainly won’t forget? Look no further! With a Speakeasy rental, the Spirits of Kentucky gallery access is yours to enjoy as well.

Call for more information or to schedule a tour to see for yourself!