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Final Reserve James Thompson & Brother, 42-year Bourbon is available for sale to the general public online through the links below or in person in our museum shop. This vintage collector set is a crowd favorite and inventory is very limited. All bottles are signed by Buddy Thompson.

The Frazier is the exclusive domestic retailer for Final Reserve. They are on a first come, first served basis for the product. Successful online purchases can be picked up in person at the Frazier History Museum. A valid ID matching the credit card will be required.

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The 44-year has sold out as its inventory was very limited, and the angels got a much bigger share of that batch than the others!

Final Reserve, James Thompson & Brother Bourbon is not available in stores. 
All profits from the sales are going to Veterans' charities






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The Story – James Thompson & Brother Bourbon

In the early 1970's Glenmore Distilleries was anticipating several anniversary events and thought it would be nice to have some really old Bourbon for commemorative bottling, so a few barrels of the oldest recipe were set aside to rest a while longer.

Unexpected things happen and in 1991 Glenmore was acquired by the Guinness Company and it became a small part of a very large and successful enterprise. By then the old bourbon distillery had been dismantled and its unique configuration was destroyed, marking the end of an era and the end of a product and its tradition. Still, the selected barrels that had been set aside slept on for another two decades, their contents spending more time in the barrel than any bourbon available in the market.

Buddy and his friends tasted the aging bourbon every now and then and decided 40-plus years in the barrel is long enough. It was time! All of the barrels have lost a major portion of their contents to the Angel's Share, but a limited amount of the bourbon carried through in grand fashion. The strength has grown from 107 to an average of 115-barrel proof today. Final Reserve (45-year), James Thompson & Brother Bourbon was bottled at Strong Spirits in Bardstown, KY on Wednesday, December 13th, 2017. Final Reserve 44-year (2nd batch) & 42-year (3rd batch) will be bottled at Kentucky Artisan Distillery the week of May 21st, 2018.



James "Buddy" Thompson, the former President of Glenmore Distillery, is a pilot, an inventor, and builder. He is 86-years-old. After earning an engineering degree at Yale in 1954 Thompson worked a few years at the family distillery, then graduated from

U of L School of Law in 1962. He was active in community organizations, such as the United Way, the Airport Authority and the J Graham Brown Cancer Center. Thompson has a been flying since the age of 13, earning his pilot's license when the law would allow, after the age of 16. He now not only flies airplanes, he also builds them, along with blimps and other airborne engineering marvels. In 1974 Thompson rejoined Glenmore when his brother was stricken with cancer. He remained in the management of the company until 1991, when Guinness acquired Glenmore. Thompson stayed on until his retirement in 1996. Final Reserve, James Thompson & Brother Bourbon, is a celebration of the Thompson family's great name in Kentucky and Bourbon history.

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