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Final Reserve, James Thompson & Brother Bourbon Collector's Box Presentation Package (45 Year Aged Bourbon) - For Sale
Frazier History Museum

Thursday  March 1, 2018,
9:00 a.m. until all bottles are sold. 
Price: $1,800 per collector's box set.

Don't miss your chance to own and taste Bourbon History!

For 45 long years Final Reserve, James Thompson & Brother Bourbon seeped in and out of the wood of American white oak barrels aging in Kentucky's Bourbon Country. As you might imagine, the angels got more than a fair share of the liquid gold, before the Bourbon was eventually bottled in December of 2017 in Bardstown, KY.

On March 1, 2018 fewer than 160 people will have the chance to purchase the limited-edition Bourbon. Purchases are limited to one presentation package per buyer, shipping is not available, and there must be a person of legal drinking age on-site for every package sold. The Frazier History Museum will accept both cash and credit-card payments, no checks will be accepted. Final Reserve, James Thompson & Brother Bourbon is not available in stores and all profits from the sales are going to Veterans’ charities.

Each Package  contains a 750-milliliter bottle, a 100-milliliter tasting bottle, a crystal tasting glass, a piece of a stave from a barrel and a 12-page booklet telling Thompson's story, all packaged beautifully in a crafted display case. Rest assured, they can't make more!

Here are details of the sale:

·         Sales will begin at 9:00 a.m. March 1st at the Frazier. We will have a stanchioned line in place on February 28 at 9:00 a.m.

·         Fewer than 160 people will have the chance to purchase the Collector Box Set

·         Because of high demand, we are limiting purchases to one set per person

·         The cost is $1800 per set plus $108 sales tax with all profits going to charity

·         Reminder: must be 21 years old to purchase (valid ID required)

·         Accepted payment methods: Cash or credit card; we will not accept checks

·         Once purchased, the set is the responsibility of the purchaser. No refunds or replacements are available

·         Line order numbers will be assigned prior to the start of the sale to those waiting in line

Thank you very much, we will see you on March 1st!

Look for information about a 43 year and a 41 year Final Reserve, James Thompson & Brother Bourbon later this year. 


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