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In the early 1970’s Glenmore Distilleries was anticipating several anniversary events and thought it would be nice to have some really old Bourbon for commemorative bottling, so a few barrels of the oldest recipe were set aside to rest a while longer. 

Unexpected things happened and in 1991 the Guinness Company bought Glenmore and it became a small part of a very large and successful enterprise.  By then the old bourbon distillery had been dismantled and its unique configuration was destroyed, marking the end of an era and the end of a product and its tradition. Still, the selected barrels that had  been set aside slept on for another two decades, their contents spending more time in the barrel than any bourbon in history.

Buddy and his buddies tasted the aging bourbon every now and then and have finally decided 40-plus years in the barrel is long enough. It is time! All of the barrels have lost a good portion of their contents to the Angel's share, but a limited and exclusive amount of the bourbon has carried through in grand fashion. The strength has grown from 107 barrel proof to an average of 115 barrel proof today.

An exclusive number of bottles will be put up for sale on March 1, 2018 with all profits benefiting various Veterans Groups and the first bottle going to The Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.

A very select few Bourbon enthusiasts will not only get a chance to purchase a 750 milliliter bottle of Final Reserve, they will also receive a 100 milliliter tasting bottle, a crystal tasting glass, a piece of a barrel stave from the barrel and 12 page booklet telling Thompson’s story, all packaged beautifully in a crafted display case. 

Taste History

The Frazier is also hosting a Final Reserve, James Thompson & Brother tasting event as part of the Bourbon Classic on March 1, 2018 called
Savor: A Taste of History. Tickets for this event are no longer available because the event has sold out. 

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