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Field Trips at the Frazier

This page contains information on our Guided Programs, Self-Guided Visits, and Combined Field Trips with other local educational sites.

Explore the page for more information on what the Frazier has to offer your school group! Feel free to contact our Education Team with specific questions at (502) 753-5664.

Guided Programs

The Frazier History Museum’s Guided Programs are designed for students in kindergarten through 12th grade and are aligned with Core Content Curriculum Standards. With a wide range of offerings, our Guided Programs enrich, extend and support your classroom learning!


$7.00 per student /additional adultAdd .50 per person to rent our lunch space. Grant funding for Title One schools is available as funds allow. A self-guided option is available at a $1.00 discount.


2.5 hours / 3 hours with lunch room reservation (some groups over 90 would need to stay 3.5 hours for certain programs, check your confirmation packet for details)


Adult chaperone requirements vary by age group. Required chaperones receive free admission, additional adults are welcomed for the student rate ($7.00 for guided programs, $6.00 for self-guided visits).

K-3rd  . . . . . . . . . . . . 1:6 ratio of adult chaperones to students   

4th – 8th . . . . . . . . . . 1:8 ratio of adult chaperones to students         

9th – 12th . . . . . . . . . 1:10 ratio of adult chaperones to students

ALL Self-Guided Visits (regardless of age group). . . . . . . . 1:10 ratio of adult chaperones to students

Museum Exploration

Your schedule will automatically include a structured gallery activity based on your theme.  Many programs also include 30 minutes of self-guided time for students to explore other areas of the museum.  Check the schedule in your reservation packet and, if yours does not, ask our Reservation Specialist about adding 30 minutes of self-guided exploration to your visit at no additional cost.

My students loved the interactive exhibits. They liked that they could “touch” history.
— Carroll County Teacher

2.5 hours without lunch / 3 hours with rental of lunch space*

Grades: K – 4

minimum 15 / maximum 120 students

Miniatures from our Stewart Historic Miniatures Collection will serve as a jumping-off point to study the neighborhoods, landmarks, and people that make our community a special place.  Students will:

  • Create a large 3D map of Louisville’s neighborhoods adding miniature figures, landmarks, and architecture to the display.

  • Explore the Stewart Historic Miniatures Collection and toy soldier play tables.

  • Observe primary source images and artifacts in the museum galleries to learn about our city and state.

  • View a live performance.

KY State Standards: K.G.3 / SS-EP-4.1.1 / SS-EP-4.1.2 / SS-EP-4.1.3 / SS-EP-5.1.1 / SS-04-4.1.2 / SS-04-4.2.1 / SS-04-4.1.1 / TH: Re8.1.1a / TH: Re7.1.Ka

Lewis and Clark: An American Adventure

Our students loved their time learning more about Lewis and Clark at the Frazier History Museum! On the bus ride home they were all telling me that this was the “best field trip of the year!”
— 2nd and 3rd Grade Ascension Parish Teacher

2.5 hours without lunch / 3 hours with rental of lunch space* (groups of 90 or more should allocate 3 hours and plan on bringing a sack lunch)

Grades K – 12                                                                                                                    

Get ready for an adventure!  Re-trace the two-year journey of the Corps of Discovery and learn about the local connections to their historic trek west across America.  The program includes:

  • Exploration of the hands-on and immersive Lewis and Clark Experience exhibit.

  • K - 3rd grade students enjoy a centers-based class session where they choose from a selection of hands-on crafts and activities.

  • 4th – 12th grade students focus their time on an exhibit investigation examining landforms, animal species, transportation, technology and cultures.

  • All age groups finish up the day with a Lewis and Clark themed live performance.

Want to make a day of it?  We can help you add a viewing of the “Lewis and Clark” movie in the Kentucky Science Center’s Digital Theater or a boat making experience at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft.  Both locations are within two blocks walking distance.  Payment will be made separately at each location.

KY State Standards:  SS-EP-5.1.1 / SS-05-4.1.1 / SS-05-5.1.1 / SS-05-2.3.1 / SS-08-4.1.1 / SS-08-5.1.1 / SS-08-2.3.1 / SS-08-5.2.3 / SS-08-2.1.1 / SS-HS-5.1.1 / TH: Cn11.1.5a



Uniquely Kentucky

Grades 3 - 8

minimum 15 / maximum 120 students


This lively, cross-curricular program will highlight the “uniqueness” of Kentucky and why people chose to settle in our state.  Students will:

  • Discover how Kentucky was shaped by its land, climate, culture, and regions.

  • Consider the natural resources and conditions of early Kentucky including water, wood, weather, grain, soil and game.

  • Explore how Kentuckians have modified the physical environment to meet their needs, including deforestation, altering waterways, and the development of water filtration.

  • Design, build, and test their own water filters; consider water filtration as both a natural and man-made process; and learn about the history and impact of Louisville Water Company on our community.

  • Complete an investigation guide in the museum galleries, exploring primary and secondary sources in the Frazier’s American History Collection and new Spirit of Kentucky exhibition.

  • Enjoy a live performance focused on early Kentucky.

The Frazier Museum is pleased to partner with Louisville Water Company on the development of this program.  Combination field trips to both sites are available for school groups.

KY State Standards: SS-04-4.1.3 / SS-04-5.2.2 / SS-04-4.3.1 / SS-04-5.2.2 / SS-05-4.1.1 / SS-04-4.1.3 / SS-04-4.4.1 / SS-04-4.4.2 / EP-4.4.2 / EP-4.4.1 / ESS2.C / ESS3.A / ESS3.C

Kentucky Pioneers and Tools of the Trade

2.5 hours without lunch / 3 hours with rental of lunch space* (groups of 90 or more should allocate 3.5 hours and plan on bringing a sack lunch)

Grades 3- 5

Minimum 15/maximum 120 students

During this hands-on/minds-on program, students explore the lives and hardships of early Kentucky pioneers.  The program includes:

  • An interactive class session where students handle reproduction tools and make predictions about their uses in Frontier Kentucky.

  • Gallery investigation sheets to help students explore the history of Kentucky through careful observation of maps, images, and primary source artifacts.

  • A live performance about life on the Kentucky frontier.

Want to make a day of it?  We can help you add a visit to Historic Locust Grove (bus arrangements must be made).  Payment will be made separately at each location.

KY State Standards: RI.3.7 / RI.4.3 / SS-04-5.1.1 / SS-04-4.4.1 / SS-04-5.2.2 / SS-04-2.3.1 / TH: Cn11.1.5a

Whiskey Rebellion.jpg
We loved the energy of the teachers and performers.
— 5th Grade Greater Clark County Teacher

Brother Against Brother: Kentucky During the Civil War

Grades 4-8

minimum 15 / maximum 120 students

During this unique, drama-infused program, students gain an understanding of the important role that KY played during the American Civil War and learn about the daily life of a Civil War soldier. Students will:

  • Participate in a 45-minute, interactive performance by an actor portraying both a Union and Confederate soldier from Kentucky.

  • Take part in the action by learning marching drills, bandaging a wounded soldier, and handling objects from a Civil War haversack.

  • Complete an investigation guide in the museum galleries, exploring 19th century primary source images and artifacts in meaningful ways.

KY State Standards:  SS-05-5.1.1 / SS-05-5.2.4 / SS-05-5.2.3 / SS-08-5.1.2 / SS-08-5.2.4 / SS-08-2.3.1 / TH: Cn11.1.5a / RI.3.7 / RI.5.7

Revolutionary Kentucky

Grades: 5-12, minimum 15, maximum 120 students


The Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 saw Western Pennsylvania farmers and distillers rise up in armed protest of a whiskey tax proposed by Alexander Hamilton and approved by the federal government.  Frontier Kentucky farmers and distillers protested in a much different ways to Hamilton’s hated tax. Students will:

  • Consider how the rebellion presented a major crisis to President Washington and the newly-formed government of the United States of America.

  • Enjoy an interactive class session examining the reasons many Kentuckians were upset with the federal government and how those thoughts were affected by economics, history, geography, and civic issues.

  • Examine Kentucky’s reaction to the tax as a form of civil disobedience.

  • Complete an investigation guide in the museum galleries, exploring primary and secondary sources in the Frazier’s American History Collection and new Spirit of Kentucky exhibition.

  • View a live performance focused on the Whiskey Rebellion in Kentucky.

KY State Standards: SS-05-4.4.2 / SS-05-1.3.1 / SS-05-4.1.1 / SS-05-2.3.2 / SS-08-1.3.2 / SS-08-3.4.1/ SS-08-5.2.3 / SS-HS-1.3.3 / SS-HS-1.3.2 / SS-HS-3.1.2

Declaring Your Independence

2.5 hours without lunch / 3 hours with rental of lunch space (groups of 90 or more should allocate 3.5 hours and plan on bringing a sack lunch)

Grades 5-8

Minimum 15/maximum 120 students

What inspired colonists to risk their lives to gain independence? Students explore this question as they:

  • Re-imagine the taxes and acts that so infuriated many of the colonists and led to the American Revolution, as modern-day scenarios.

  • Act out the situations, make connections, and draw conclusions about this tumultuous time in our history.

  • Work on investigation guides in the museum galleries to explore the theme of independence throughout American history.

  • View a Revolutionary War-themed live performance.

KY State Standards: SS-05-2.3.1 / SS-05-5.1.1 / SS-05-5.2.4 / SS-05-5.2.3 / SS-08-5.1.2 / SS-08-2.3.1 / SS- / SS-08-1.3.1 / TH: Cn11.1.5a / RI.5.7

Discovering the Middle Ages

2.5 hours without lunch / 3 hours with rental of lunch space*

Grades: 6 – 12

minimum 15 /maximum 90 students

Is it fair to identify the Middle Ages as the “Dark Ages”, or is the time period just getting a bad rap?  Let your students make the call as they:

  • Become detectives and examine hands-on “evidence” related to the time period.

  • Take a careful look at arguments for/against the label “Dark Ages” and discuss their opinions, using evidence to support their point of view.

  • Complete a gallery investigation guide that draws comparisons between American history and the Middle Ages (please note that our galleries no longer contain medieval artifacts).

  • Enjoy a medieval-themed performance by one of the Frazier’s talented actors.

KY State Standards: SS-07-1.1.1 / SS-07-5.3.4 / SS-07-2.3.1 / SS-07-5.1.1 / SS-07-4.3.2 / W.7.9

My special needs students LOVED this trip and I will have our kids do it again next year.
— 9-12th Grade Nelson County Teacher

History Mystery

2.5 hours without lunch / 3 hours with rental of lunch space* (groups of 90 or more should allocate 3.5 hours and plan on bringing a sack lunch)

Grades 6-12

Minimum 15/ maximum 130 students

History Mystery is a structured, yet interactive program that leads students on a search for historical clues throughout the Frazier’s American history collection. Students will:

  • Work in small groups to reveal the identity of their mystery artifact from U.S. history and further analyze its form and significance.

  • Enjoy self-guided exploration in the museum’s temporary exhibits.

  • Experience a live performance. Ask us about tying the show into your time period or unit of study.

KY State Standards: SS-07-5.1.2 / SS-07-2.3.1 / SS-08-5.1.2 / SS-HS-5.1.2 / SS-HS-5.1.1 / SS-HS-5.1.1 / SS-05-5.1.1 /      SS-05-5.2.4 / RI.5.7 / TH: Cn11.1.5a

Self-Guided Visits

Time travlers program 2018 (4).jpg

Grades K-12

Minimum 15 / maximum 130 students

Length: 2 hours / 2.5 hours with reservation of lunch space (teacher may request visit be lengthened or shortened)

Self-guided visits are available for teachers that prefer to develop their own focus for the trip and do not need the fully-structured layout of a Guided Program.   After a brief introduction to the museum, students will enjoy self-guided time in the museum galleries (in small groups led by chaperones).  “Take a Closer Look” investigation sheets are available at no additional charge, but must be requested in advance of the visit.  Whenever possible, the visit also includes a live performance related to your unit of study.

Temporary Exhibit Investigation Sheets (available by request): Self-guided groups may request investigation sheets for the exploration of the following temporary exhibits at no additional charge.  Sheets must be requested in advance of the program date.

  • Kentucky Craft Luminaries Exhibit (November 19, 2018 – March 24, 2019). Ask about adding a visit to KMAC (walking distance) for their Weaving, KY Clay Coil Pots, or Quilted Prints activity!

  • Olmsted Parks Exhibit (April 10, 2019 – September 15, 2019). Ask about adding a visit to the KY Science Center (walking distance) for their Organisms and Ecosystems class session or Backyard Wilderness movie!


Combined Programs

  The WaterWorks Museum

The WaterWorks Museum

Ask us about combining your visit to the Frazier Museum with another educational site that complements your program. 

We’ll take care of making arrangements with the second location and work with you to make sure the full day runs smoothly! 

Click here to learn more.

Ready to book? Please fill out this Inquiry Form and our Reservations Team will contact you to book your program.  

Questions? Reach us at (502) 753-5663. You can also click here for information on planning your visit. 

*PLEASE NOTE: School programs utilizing the lunchroom at the Frazier do not include a box lunch. Please plan to bring in a lunch for each student if you plan to reserve our lunch space.