Frazier History Museum

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We are pleased to offer a discount rate of $7.00 per person
(half the rate of regular adult admission) for any homeschool families that book in advance.

The Program is $7 for Non Members, and Free for Members 
Please note that payments are non-refundable

A Jam-Packed day of family fun awaits you at the Frazier as we celebrate the addition of exciting new artifacts to Lewis and Clark Experience exhibit! Rivers were crucial to Lewis and Clark’s expedition with the Corps of Discovery as they ventured across the American West to the Pacific Ocean. Butch Bouvier, also known as Mr. Keelboat, has re-created three of the most important boats they used on their journey—the Keelboat, the White Pirogue, and the mysterious Iron Boat, which disappeared along the way, never to be found. Butch "Mr. Keelboat" Bouvier and Sterling Fitcher, a re-enactor who portrays John Colter, the first Mountain Man of the West, will deliver the three boats to the Frazier on Saturday June 22nd.

Events this day will include activity tables from the Frazier and area historic sites, Lewis and Clark-related performances, a talk and Q&A session with Butch Bouvier on his experiences along the Missouri River followed by a signing of Bouvier’s book Brown Water, and a demonstration of Kentucky Long Rifles and signal cannons by Sterling Fitcher.

This day of activities is in collaboration with community partners and institutions:
The Filson Historical Society, the Falls of the Ohio, and Locust Grove.


11 AM – John Colter Interp
12 PM – Lewis and Clark radio show interp
1 PM – Talk and Q&A with Butch Bouvier
2:20 PM – Cannon and rifle demos