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LMPD Traffic Stops


LMPD TRAFFIC STOPS PANEL: Tuesday, June 4th, 2019.
First Floor Gallery Access: 5 – 6 pm / Session 6 – 7 pm

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Recent traffic stops have come under increased scrutiny after claims that the practice has lead to unequal treatment for minorities. Most recently an 18-year old stopped for making a wide turn was removed from his vehicle, frisked and, handcuffed for a period of time - the video of this traffic stop has been circulated widely. The new policies just announced by LMPD may help move us forward as a community feeling there is one Louisville, and not two.

Panelists include LMPD Police Chief Steve Conrad, Urban League President Sadiqa Reynolds, and Metro Council President David James.

Invited Guests: Tae-Ahn Lea and his mother, Tija Jackson


The Program is offered free of charge thanks to the generosity of Eileen and Mac Brown.


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