Frazier History Museum


Frazier Museum Store

The Museum Store has gifts, knickknacks, an impressive selection of rare bourbons, and souvenirs that celebrate the heritage and history of the state of Kentucky.

Our lineup of delicious local foods includes Ale 8 suckers, moonshine pickles, hemp truffles, vegan jerky, peanut brittle, stone-ground white grits, barn-bottled honey, triple berry marmalade, and biscuit mix from Kentucky’s oldest water-powered flour mill. For bourbon lovers there are bourbon bitters, pralines, cherry preserves, marinades, maple syrups, and hot chocolates; bourbon-smoked sea salts, sesame seeds, chili powders, and cacao nibs; bourbon-infused barbecue, worcestershire, and teriyaki sauces; even bourbon-salted twinkies! Visitors on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® can pick up brochures and passports for the trip, as well as bourbon glasses, tumblers, coasters, koozies, stir sticks, socks, ball caps, barrel staves, bottle sweaters, and mason shakers.

For Kentucky history-themed holiday gifts, check out our quills and ink, calligraphy sets, coonskin hats, rifle pens, geodes, arrowheads, ammo magnets, floral bonnets, fool’s gold nuggets, lump of coal ornaments, lucky horseshoes, and bluegrass seeds. Our bath and shower products include Kentucky rain lip balms and body butters, Louisville lily soaps, limestone-scented candles, and mint julep bath bombs. We also stock Kentucky kitchen towels, tote bags, mood rings, cookie cutters, coat hooks, doormats, dreamcatchers, nutcrackers, throw pillows, postcards, paper dolls, and pencil sharpeners shaped like clocks, globes, sailboats, stagecoaches, and Gatling guns.

For bookworms of all ages, we have books on Gettysburg, Lewis & Clark, Sacagawea, Speed family recipes, secret cocktails, bourbon barons, bloody battles, and bad girls throughout history. For fans of Abe Lincoln, we have biographies, beards, hats, flasks, mugs, salt shakers, sticky quotes, golf balls, and finger puppets. For homemakers and decorators, we have ornaments of fairies, foxes, turkeys, cardinals, cupcakes, snowflakes, peppermints, pickles, and ballet slippers.

For Kentucky-themed toys and stocking stuffers for the kids, we have slingshots, spy coins, telescopes, tom toms, feathered flutes, powder horns, canteens, trail knives, play swords, bows and arrows, pistol holsters, thunder canyon rifles, sheriff badges, outlaw posters, Union dollars, toy trains, gliders and planes, plastic soldiers, paratroopers, zig zag racers, rubber band blasters, jack straws, magic sets, paddle balls, knitting dolls, lacing cards, jigsaw puzzles, bug bingo boards, grow-a-ponies, and creepy crawlies.

The shop is located in the southwest corner of the first floor of the building.