Frazier History Museum

Early Masters

Singled out due to their rarity, uniqueness, and value, these are some of the many sets in The Stewart Collection that were hand-made by the early masters of toy soldier-making.

  • Allgeyer, Germany

  • Ammon, Germany

  • Denecke, Germany

  • Heinrichsen, Germany

  • Lezius, Germany

  • Lodin, Finland

  • Lorenz, Germany

  • Vollrath, Germany

J.G. Lorenz, Germany, British Infantry, 50 mm flats, c. 1770

On March 5, 1770, a party of seven British Grenadiers of the 29th Regiment opened fire on a crowd of American colonists in Boston. Although “Redcoat” had not yet begun to circulate as a term of derision, the mob is said to have hurled similarly inspired insults at the troops, calling them “bloody backs” and “lobster scoundrels.”

This set of 50 mm tin flats made by J.G. Lorenz of Fürth, Germany, c. 1770, is the oldest known set in The Stewart Collection. The twelve British infantrymen, depicted in era-appropriate uniforms, bear a resemblance to the perpetrators of the Boston Massacre, a notable contemporary event that was reported in Germany during the lead up to the American Revolution.