Frazier History Museum

Weird History

The weirder, the better!

It’s Raining Meat

In 1876, chunks of meat fell from the sky above a farm in Bath County, Kentucky in a freak occurrence that remains unexplained. In 2019, Mick Sullivan, Manager of Youth and Family Programs at the Frazier, wrote a book about it! Introducing The Meatshower, the mostly-true tale of an unbelievable incident, illustrated by Shae Goodlett.

Place Names

How did Kentucky get its name? How do you pronounce “Louisville”? Place names in the Bluegrass State have long been a source of friendly debate — and occasionally, giggles.

Freak Power & Fringe Living

Three of the most legendary icons to emerge from Kentucky — author Hunter S. Thompson, fine arts librarian Anna Hubbard, and Anna’s husband, the painter and shantyboater Harlan Hubbard — were fiercely independent figures who rejected consumer culture.