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The Frazier Collection

Come face to face with some of the people and stories that changed the world forever. At the Frazier Museum, history comes to life every day through ever-changing and interactive temporary exhibits, as well as fascinating and one-of-a-kind permanent galleries. Experience the one-of-a-kind Frazier Museum Collection, featuring American and international artifacts.

Showcasing artifacts made between the 16th and 20th centuries, the Frazier Museum Collection displayed on our second floor explores the great themes of American history from early settlement up through 1900 – Colonization, Revolutionary War, Westward Expansion, Civil War, Industrialization, the changing culture of the American Indians and the Cowboys of the Wild West.

Many artifacts in the Frazier Museum once belonged to famous politicians and celebrities, great Native American warriors, soldiers and noted frontiersmen.

There is no other museum in the world where you can see:

• The ceremonial sword of Founding Father Josiah Bartlett
• The family bible of the legendary pioneer Daniel Boone
• The original “Big Stick” of President Theodore Roosevelt
• The bow attributed to the great Apache leader Geronimo
• The ivory-handled Colt pistols of General George Armstrong Custer

A walk through the Frazier Museum is a journey through time. Join us for an unforgettable adventure!

Featured Exhibits

Bloedner Monument

The nation’s oldest existing Civil War memorial arrived at the Frazier History Museum in August 2010. Known as the “Bloedner Monument,” the 3,500-pound limestone memorial is of exceptional national and historical significance, especially as the country commemorates the Civil War’s 150th anniversary.


Toy Soldiers

Small world. Big stories. They number more than 10,000 strong. The new Stewart Toy Soldier Gallery at the Frazier History Museum is one of the largest public displays of toy soldiers in the United States.

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