Frazier History Museum

Second Saturday: Mother's Day

If not for mothers, there would be no history at all! We'll have fun celebrating some of the most influential moms in history through games, crafts, and special objects from our collection. Match the mother to the famous person. Examine gifts soldiers sent back to their mothers on the home front. Share a planting with your mother, courtesy of our friends from The Food Literacy Project, and learn from their educators about local food sources and caring for Mother Earth.

The Food Literacy project will be rolling up to the Frazier with their Truck Farm,  a mobile, edible, educational garden that reaches thousands of children and their families in our community. Truck Farm is a unique community resource that enables the Food Literacy Project to “bring the farm” into schools, especially those that don’t have their own gardens, to more community events such as farmers markets, community fairs and festivals, and to collaborate with other community organizations.

And don't forget about your mother's/father's mother! This month we'll also offer our quarterly Grandparents Lounge with refreshments for the duration of today's event, 11:00 - 3:00.