Frazier History Museum

The Lewis and Clark Experience
Closed throughout the summer of 2018, as it is refreshed for the fall.

Never fear, students will have a great time enjoying exhibits on our first and second floors, as well as live performances and other activities planned within your program. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT PROGRAMS AND ACTIVITIES ARE BEING OFFERED

The Frazier Museum has some exciting new updates and additions underway this summer, which means some closings and potential construction noises.  Engaging activities are planned throughout the museum to delight tour groups and visitors. If you have any additional questions please  don’t hesitate to call (502) 753-5664.

Visitors of all ages are taken on an immersive, educational adventure that puts them face-to-face with some of the many challenges encountered by the Corps of Discovery, seeking passage to the northwest. Visitors forge rivers and cross mountains while encountering new people, cultures and fantastic new species of animals. There are several artifacts from the period and detailed explanations on how and why they were used by the expedition. 

The Lewis and Clark Experience features a 55-foot cutaway replica of Lewis and Clark’s keelboat, replica Sioux Tipi and a Mandan earthen hut. Visitors can even try their hand at animal tracking and exploring “secret” passages! While this exhibition is fun for all ages, it was designed with children and families in mind!