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Celebrating the Sounds of Kentucky
September 12, 2019 – February 2020

Music is an art-form that transcends boundaries. A popular song can cross national, racial, social, and economic lines to become part of a greater common culture.

Kentucky is often credited for its role in the development of bluegrass music, but the state has produced seminal figures in nearly ever significant movement in American music from ragtime to country, folk to blues, jazz to R&B and classic rock to hip hop.

This exhibit is a celebration of the rich, mostly untold tale of Kentucky music. The Bluegrass state deserves a place on the American music pantheon along with Mississippi, Louisiana, and all the other celebrated musical capitals.

Exhibition support generously provided by:
Hilliard Lyons - A Baird Company
sonaBLAST! / ABH Foundation


Beyond The Raven: The Poe You Don’t Know
September 19 - November 1, 2019

Poet, critic, master of horror. Inventor of the detective tale. Science fiction writer extraordinaire in a time when the genre was mere decades old. Inspiration for generations of writers, artists, performers, and readers alike. Edgar Allan Poe’s legacy endures due to his imagination and innovation of the language he used within his literary forms.

As the Frazier History Museum celebrates the 10th anniversary of our Edgar Allan Poe Performance Series, An Evening With Poe, we are looking retrospectively—and toward the future—on Edgar Allan Poe’s legacy in popular culture, which not only endures but manifests itself in unexpected and delightful ways across the decades.

Violins of Hope: Strings of the Holocaust
October 17 - 26, 2019

The Violins of Hope program will consist of over 30 community-wide events, exhibits, performances and educational experiences created to inspire, enrich, and educate. 

The Violins of Hope are a collection of more than 50 restored instruments played by Jewish musicians during the Holocaust. These instruments have survived concentration camps, pogroms and many long journeys to tell remarkable stories of injustice, suffering, resilience and survival. 

The Violins of Hope are now giving voice to the horrors of the Holocaust as part of a series of programs being held in cities in Europe, Israel and the United States. The Violins of Hope are being brought to Louisville to facilitate a citywide dialogue about music, art, social justice and free expression.

Visit the Violins of Hope Website, Click Here

65 Years of White Christmas
November 29, 2019 – Jan 26, 2020

Irving Berlin’s classic holiday film White Christmas celebrates its 65th anniversary this year as one of the world’s most celebrated and beloved musical films of the Christmas season. Loosely based on Irving Berlin’s 1942 film Holiday Inn, White Christmas follows the romantic journey of two song-and-dance teams, one of which involves two World War II veterans, Bob Wallace and Phil Davis, and the other, two sisters, Betty and Judy Haynes. The two groups travel together to the Columbia Inn, a Vermont ski lodge, and over the course of their stay team up to perform a Christmas show to help the lodge owner — Wallace and Davis’s former commander, General Waverly — save his lodge from bankruptcy.


Women Vote 100 Celebration
March 2020 – January 2021

On August 18, 1920, Congress ratified the Nineteenth Amendment allowing women the right to vote. The Frazier Museum will coordinate Louisville suffrage effort, launching a major community celebration including more than 100 different partner organizations, and is working with the Louisville Office of Women to make sure the celebration is inclusive, and will examine and explore what suffrage looks like today. The exhibition will place Kentucky’s suffrage movement within the context of the national movement, while exploring the specifics of our state’s particular journey, its stars and its villains, its triumphs and defeats.